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Guangdong Longchuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. We have been concentrating on packaging machines since our company established, which has many large, medium and small enterprise units packaging cases, to create value and customized satisfying fully automatic packaging solution for customers! Foshan Letamp Intelligent Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of vertical packaging machines, including powder packaging machines, granule packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, multi-lane packaging machines, premade bag packaging machine, pillow packaging machines, fully automatic weighing and filling packaging, which are widely used in food packaging, daily application packaging. , pharmaceutical packaging, handicraft packaging, hardware packaging, toy packaging, agricultural chemicals and other block, strip, granule, liquid, powder products. Letamp has always been focused on R&D design, manufacture, installation and technical service, and has won customer for over high quality, professional price and excellent pre-sale&afte-sale service. Welcome domestic or overseas customers to visit for business negotiation. Let's develop and benefit mutually, and keep a long-term friendship.
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Shanghai International Fresh Exhibition 2019
Shanghai International Fresh Exhibition 2019 As a "fresh" professional exhibition in Shanghai, with unique position in the market from all over the nation and the world famous, special and excellent, new fresh products, exhibition for the industry to build a powerful offline...
Malaysia Exhibition 2019
Malaysia Exhibition 2019 Malaysia International Packaging and food processing exhibition, a representative of the country and historic TTF attending, received praise from domestic and overseas exhibitors. In this exhibition, we got to know many customers who are interested i...
Canton Fair 2018
Canton Fair 2018 The Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete variety of commodities, the largest number of buyers present, the largest distribution of countries and regions, an...
Full Automatic Permades Bag Packaging machine For Powder Packaging
This type packaging machine contains the feeder machine(feeding) , auger filling(weighing and filling),and permade bag packaging machine(packaging) .  For the stand-up bag ,zipper bag, handbag, and spout bags etc ,this machine would be a good choose. The...
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Automatic Mask packaging system
Automatic Mask packaging system In November 2020, we provide a mask packing solution for a biotechnology limited company. The packing system consists of one VT-110X mask packing machine and two mask ear folding machines. Suitable for packing different types of m...
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Probiotics powder packaging
Probiotics powder packaging application In November 2019, a customer wanted a machine that could automatic pack powder efficiently. After communication, we calculate the film width and select the corresponding model according to the customer’s single bag size ...
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Edible mushrooms packing application
Edible mushrooms packing application According to the customer's packaging product’s bag size and weight, we provide practical pallet food packaging solutions to help customers solve the problems of edible mushrooms packing. This packaging ...
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